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About Q-Used

Choosing plastic pallets is a logical one, which flows from your wish for sustainability, cost efficiency and environmental considerations. Choosing Q-PALL as your partner for this is also a logical choice, which corresponds with your need for an innovative manufacturer with its own ideas.

A company that, by managing the entire chain – production, distribution and sales – can offer you the technical and logistical conditions like no other that can also contribute to optimal business operations within your company. 

In addition, every company faces sustainable challenges: reducing production costs, using fewer raw materials and market sustainable products. We have summarized this in our Orange Values. To fully meet this, we launched Q-USED PALLETS so that every used plastic pallet can also be used to its maximum.



Maximum reuse

 We live in a plastic era, in which more than 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced annually worldwide. 5 to 15 million tonnes of these end up in our oceans, where the ‘plastic soup’ is becoming a serious problem.


Plastic is an important material in the current global economy. The lack of collecting, reusing, recycling, and breaking down of plastic has major consequences in terms of the environment, health, economy, and society.

Doing nothing is not an option. All over the world, the realisation that we need to tackle this problem and reconsider the place of plastic and plastic packaging in our economy is growing.

The maximum reuse of the plastic pallets also contributes directly to this. When the used plastic pallets are finally at the end of their life phase they are recycled and a new life will start.

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Are you looking for new plastic pallets?

Q-Pall controls the entire chain - production, distribution and sales - like no other.


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