QUSED-geel-zwart onderregel
A used plastic pallets<br>for every application
A used plastic pallets
for every application

 √ Save 20 to 70% up on your costs

√ Always a large stock used plastic pallets

√ Available from stock

√ Sustainability program which directly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions

√ The first producer that encourage customers to reuse and recycle plastic pallets



If you need pallets, it is of course important that you look at what you will use the pallets for. What is the load, how is transport arranged and are the plastic pallets used for storage? If it is clear what kind of pallets you need, the next question comes into play. Do you want new pallets or do you opt for used plastic pallets? We are happy to help you make this choice.



Used plastic pallets are cheaper. Suppose you are a starting entrepreneur. Your company is in the start-up phase and you should pay close attention to what you invest your money in. But you want to take care of how you handle your products. Then it is beneficial to use used pallets. The quality meets the highest standard. Plastic pallets last a very long time because of the used materials. By choosing used plastic pallets, you make a choice that suits your business and meets the high requirements for the transport and storage of your goods. In addition, it also fits the budget that you have available.


Give used pallets a second life. In addition to financial considerations, you can also choose used plastic pallets because you consider sustainable business to be of paramount importance to you.You have an eye for the environment and you want to waste as little as possible. Then the choice for the used plastic pallet is a logical choice. When you reuse plastic pallets, the environment is less burdened. In this way you build a socially responsible appearance.