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March 30 2020

A pallet ensures that products being transported or stored will not get damaged. So, with a plastic pallet you protect your goods, particularly when fitted with a box. But a disadvantage of pallet boxes is that they take up a lot of space. There is not always enough room or it is not preferred to use the available space for this. Yet insufficient protection is not an option. So what is a good alternative?

Protection desired

For most products it is preferred that they are protected. Not only during transport, but also when they are stored. A pallet could serve to fulfil this purpose. The great advantage of plastic pallets is that vermin and mould will not get a chance to nestle in the pallet. Also they can easily be hygienically cleaned, as a result of which a plastic pallet can be used for products that require clean storage. Sometimes, just a pallet won’t suffice, when the goods need to be protected by a box. But what if you do not have enough space to store the boxes? And you do wish to make use of plastic pallets, particularly because this material has so many advantages? Q-Pall can provide the solution for you!

Plastic pallets collars

A box will take up a lot of space, which is not always possible. Still you wish to additionally protect your products. A plastic collar will easily turn a pallet into a box. In addition, you can simply decide about the height of the box. It is possible to stack multiple collars. Plastic pallet collars protect your goods against damage during transport, against sliding and hitting. And the great advantage of the plastic pallet collars is that they are foldable. This means that they require little room when they are not being used. Plastic pallet collars are reusable. This implies that you can deploy the collars multiple times, which is in line with sustainable business.

Will it always fit?

The plastic pallet collar is available with 4 or 6 hinges. The measurements of the pallet collar vary; 600×800 mm, 800×1,200 mm, 1,000×1,200 mm and 1,200×1,200 mm. One of the options will always fit, because the Q-pall plastic pallet collars seamlessly fit the pallets in the assortment. If you want to know which will fit best with your pallet, we will be happy to provide appropriate advice. In addition, also fitting covers are available to be placed on the folding edges and label holders, for the purpose of packing consignment notes. Finally, also plastic edge protectors are available.

Do you have any questions about the plastic pallet collar? Or do you have questions in relation to other products from our assortment? Or would you like more information about the possibilities of customisation? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide personal advice!


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